AI in Brussels

1. Ace your Digital Transformation – ULB & VUB Join Forces to Accelerate AI Innovation in Brussels

2. How AI Can Create a Socio-economic Impact for Public / Private Goods and Why Brussels is The Best Place To Do That?

3. Lessons learned while guiding teams into AI


Moderator & Speakers

Claudio Truzzi

Head at & SmartCampus at ULB

Claudio is a senior professional in technology development, transfer, and implementation with 30+ years of experience in all aspects of digital innovation across multiple applications. Earlier experience includes C-level roles for high-impact, high potential technology start-ups. He is Head of and SmartCampus at ULB University in Brussels, Belgium.

Besides, Claudio is also a Digital Transformation Consultant to senior managers and an EU-accredited expert on digital platforms. He authored more than 70 scientific and professional publications and several patents. Claudio holds an Executive MBA and a Ph.D. + MSc in Microelectronics.

Anne Snel

Lifelong Learning & Training Coordinator at AI Lab Brussels

Anne studied Digital Advertising at IHECS, and has a passion for immersive art, experience design, and introspective healing. Having lived and studied in China for 20 years, she has an impactful understanding of international relations, foreign culture, and technology.

Anne worked in various Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality production startups in London before joining the VUB AI Lab in 2020 to coordinate its Lifelong Learning and Training Programme in AI.

Hans De Canck

Manager AI Experience Center at VUB /  FARI – AI for the Common Good Institute

Hans manages and directs the development of the AI Experience Center of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB).

The AI Experience Center will become a state-of-the-art Digital Innovation Hub in Brussels. Several research centers from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel have joined forces to develop a multi-disciplinary Research and Innovation offering on AI towards Academia, Industry, Policymakers, and the broader public. The AI Experience Center will accelerate this offering.

Hans works with the research teams across the university and acts as a coordinator for the AI for the Common Good initiative, launched by rector Caroline Pauwels early 2019.


AI In Brussels

Brussels, the ICT Capital of Europe, offers many exciting AI opportunities for public organizations, private companies, academics, and citizens in general. 

For example, Cluster is a powerful network of 150 SMEs & partners active in Brussels’ software / ICT industry, and the technology hub focuses on research development, innovation, and valorization.

FARI, an independent not-for-profit AI initiative led by two Brussels universities (VUB & ULB), helps citizens, politicians, companies, and not-for-profit organizations to address local, every day, or long-term challenges in the Brussels-Capital Region Belgium, and Europe. Last but not least, the VUB Artificial Intelligence Lab, founded in 1983, is the first AI lab on the European mainland and follows two main routes to understand intelligence: the symbolic route (classical AI) and the dynamics route (complex systems science).

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