AI & Ethics

1. Translation of Law and Ethics

2. Trust by Design Using Hybrid AI

3. How to Manage AI Risks and How to Get a Trustworthy AI Certification?

Moderator & Speakers

Product & Marketing Manager – Omina Technologies

Anita holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management. She had an academic career in the field of AI and marketing at Ghent University, Manchester Business School, and Monash University. Before joining Omina Technologies, she worked as a product manager for NGDATA and Showpad. Besides, she also worked as an innovation manager for Boobook consulting. Anita is passionate about AI, product management, innovation management, and marketing.

At Omina Technologies, Anita is responsible for the product management of Justifai: an AI platform that enables business users to deliver measurable outcomes with AI in an ethical and explainable way, minimizing compliance and reputational risk.

Martin Canter

Head Of Ethical AI – Omina Technologies

Martin is a Machine Learning Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in artificial intelligence and numerical modelling.

He is highly skilled in Python and Matlab/GNU Octave. Additionally, Martin has a strong scientific background with a Ph.D. in Oceanography and a Master’s Degree focused in Astronomy and Astrophysics from Université de Liège.

Emmanuelle Shaaravi

Senior Audits & Controls Professional

Emmanuelle has more than 10 years of experience in Finance & Internal Controls across various countries.

She focuses on mixing her experience in risk management with technical skills by taking part in machine learning projects as an engineer and with particular attention to data protection. Just because it is not illegal, does it mean it is ethical?

Emmanuelle’s perspective on our societies, alongside her cross-cutting and pragmatic approach to concerns, leads her to reflect and work on the role of artificial intelligence in people’s daily lives.

André Meyer-Vitali

Senior Scientist – TNO, The Netherlands Organization

André is a Senior Scientist at The Netherlands Organization (TNO) for applied scientific research, and obtained his PhD at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

He guides research on trustworthy AI in the context of European collaborations, such as TAILOR.

André’s interests are in software engineering, distributed systems/AI, social simulation, multi-agent systems, knowledge representation and reasoning and combinations with learning and self-organization.


AI & ETHICS – Learn How to Create Trustworthy AI Solutions

Are you able to leverage Artificial Intelligence in an Ethical and Trustworthy Way?

Translate AI Ethics and Law into Trustworthy AI Solutions via Ethical Checklists, Ethical Committee, and Trustworthy AI by Design 

Validate whether the AI Ethics and Law Translation Really Produce Trustworthy AI Solutions, e.g., Impact Assessments, Certifications, Auditing

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