Join us to deep-dive into the why, what, how, and when of data as the new oil and gold

 Discover together with our Expert guests the innovations made possible by data

 What about the Future of Data:  Where Are We Going?

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Host & Co-Host

Desiree Timmermans (Host)

Founder & Director – VDISummit

Desiree has 20+ years of experience in the ICT sector. She worked at Global Technology and IT-Consulting Corporations and founded Help To Grow Business in 2017, focussing on helping ICT organizations grow faster. Additionally, she is Co-Director of the Women in Big Data Brussels Chapter.

In 2020, Desiree started with the Virtual Data Innovation Summit (VDISummit) to Grow the Data Innovation knowledge and experience of private- and public organizations, academics, and citizens.

For the VDISummit community, Desiree organizes live webcasts, the Data Innovation Talk Podcast, and the DITalk Day to discuss innovative data applications from a societal, business, and technical perspective. Besides, she hosts the Women in Big Data Brussels Podcast and is in charge of communications and community-building.

She is passionate about new technologies and how these impact organizations and societies. Desiree organizes talks and builds communities around this by bringing together experts who share their know-how to help community members grow faster.

Desiree holds a master’s in Organizational and Administrative Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

Frederic Lebeau (Co-Host) 

Co-Founder – Datavillage

Frederic, Co-Founder and Head Of Product at Datavillage, has more than 25 years of experience in the banking industry, e.g., BNP Paribas, Degroof Pertercam, as a cybersecurity expert, business architect, and IT Innovation Director. 

He has a master’s in Computer Science and is passionate about unlocking the value of personal data, user control, privacy, and transparency in his work.

At Datavillage, Frederic is responsible for the technical conceptualization (architecture, security), the product’s design, and helping customers use Datavillage’s entire product and services potential.



√ Join us to deep-dive into the Why, What, How, and When of Data as the New Oil and Gold

√ Discover together with our expert guests the innovations made possible by data

√ Get Data insights to create better products & services for customers, employees and citizens

√ Our guests reveal to you the obstacles they tackled during their journey

√ Last but not least, We talk about the Future of Data Innovation: Where are we going?


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