AI Fosters Innovation by Governments

Governments can use AI to foster innovation in service and drive further demand for AI by making the GovTech market more attractive to organizations. AI brings many new, currently undiscovered opportunities. The government can leverage AI to automate and improve service delivery, find efficiencies, regulate AI in the industry, create policies to guide AI ethics, and manage any emerging threats and risks.  

Live Webcast Speakers & Moderator

The experts’ speaker’s line-up, and moderator, related to the topic AI Fosters Innovation by Governments consist of: 

Nathanaël AckermanNathanaël Ackerman – AI4Belgium Lead at


Michel Philippens – Customer Solution Manager at SAS


Florian Myter – Business Developer Software Languages Lab at VUB


Rosanna Fanni – Researcher EU technology policymaking at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS)


AI Can Benefit Governments, Citizens, And Society 

Nathanaël Ackerman from SPF BOSA presents ‘How can Artificial Intelligence benefit public services, citizens, and more generally, society?’ On November 30, AI4Belgium and FPS Policy & Support (BOSA) kicked-off the AI4Gov Working Group. The aim is to address issues as regards the integration of artificial intelligence technologies within public services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing in all areas of our society, including the public sector. In government, intelligent systems can improve public services’ quality and efficiency, contribute to cost savings and more effective policies. Additionally, for citizens, it can reduce the ‘digital divide’ and enhance accessibility, provide useful recommendations to help them simplify their administrative procedures, or speed up the processing of information or decision-making. At the same time, particular attention must be paid to the ethical dimension in the design of algorithms to guarantee their appropriate application and to avoid, among others, the reinforcement of discriminatory biases.

Governments Leading Through Change

Michel Philippens from SAS Benelux presents Governments leading through change: How analytics and AI are helping agencies face unprecedented challenges.

Even before the coronavirus disruption, the government landscape was changing. Public sector agencies evaluated and implemented vital digital transformation and analytics initiatives to help them make better, faster, and more cost-effective public-sector decisions. Then, 2020 brought a once-in-a-lifetime disruption across all areas of our lives. And most governments weren’t prepared to address the turmoil and support the individuals, families, and communities under their care.

Michel will show several cases and best practices on how governments can use AI & analytics to respond to the crisis, recover from it, and finally lead the way to a more structural digital transformation.  

Lean GovTech – Dragging & Dropping Ideas Into Production

Dr. Ir. Florian Myter from the Software Languages Lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) presents ‘Lean GovTech – Dragging & Dropping  Ideas into Production.’ From large corporations to SMEs to governments, the advent of AI has shown the importance of data-driven decision making. However, acquiring the right data is usually a time-consuming and error-prone endeavor reserved for a few experts. 

The Software Languages Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels develops a no-code platform, called, that enables anyone to build data collection, analysis, and visualization systems in a matter of minutes. Florian discusses the platform’s potential for lean GovTech: from urban and environmental data collection to mobile crowd analysis apps.

Webcast December 15

The webcast moderator is Rosanna Fanni, Researcher EU technology policymaking at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS). She is a recent Erasmus Mundus MA graduate in Digital Communication Leadership, specializing in policy and innovation in the EU. For her MA thesis on the concept of (un)ethical AI, Rosanna was Visiting Graduate Researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 

We invite you to join our speakers Nathanaël Ackerman (SPF BOSA), Florian Myter (Software Languages Lab at VUB), Michel Philippens (SAS Benelux), and moderator Rosanna Fanni (CEPS) for the free monthly Virtual DI Summit webcast on December 15: AI Fosters Innovation by Governments

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