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Welcome, we are organizing a Virtual DI Summit program instead of an in-person DI Summit. The theme of the full-year 2021 online edition is AI For Everyone. Our objective is to make AI accessible for everyone by showing practical AI-applications from a business- and a technical point of view. The program starts with a monthly webcast, including real-life AI cases and complemented by, e.g., blogs and podcasts. 


Each monthly webcast starts with an inspiring keynote by an expert in, for example, FinTech, Manufacturing, Telco, Energy, Security, Data4Good, HealthTech, and more. Additionally, partners present a deep-dive into purposeful, real-life AI cases that give you insights into business problems, solutions, and technologies. The recording of every webcast is available for 12 months.  

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FinTech AI Adoption & Benefits 

Effectively capitalizing on AI’s advantages requires the finance sector to reconsider the interaction between humans and machines. 

You have to understand the interactions internally and externally with, e.g., business partners and customers. It is vital to break through the siloed approach and stop reinventing the wheel when undertaking new initiatives.

To deploy AI tools across your financial organization, it is crucial to involve all business processes and functions.


Moderator & Speakers - February 23 (Toon Vanagt & TBA)

Moderator & Speakers - February 23 (Toon Vanagt & TBA)


Registration link available 4 weeks before live broadcasting


Tuesday, February 23 – FinTech AI Adoption and Benefits 

Tuesday, March 9 – AI & Manufacturing

Tuesday, March 30 – AI, Telco & Energy

Tuesday, April 20 – AI & Security 

Tuesday, May 11 – AI & Data4Good

Tuesday, May 25 – AI in Brussels

Tuesday, June 15 – AI & Health


Tuesday, September 28 – AI & Mobility 

Tuesday, October 19 – AI & Data Governance 

Tuesday, November 23 – AI & Ethics 

Tuesday, December 14 – AI, Media & Entertainment



Deep-Diving into AI & Industry 4.0 

AI Fosters Innovation by Governments

AI, Ethics & Law: What is Fair and Unfair?




Claudio Truzzi - Senior Executive at

" is a technology hub focussing on helping Brussels emerge as the ICT Heart of Europe. Actively participating in the Virtual DI Summit as a strategical partner is a powerful way to achieve this."

Desiree Timmermans - Business Owner at HelpToGrowBusiness

"My goal is to make AI accessible for everyone by virtually providing you AI knowledge and experience."

Philippe Van Impe - CEO at European Data Innovation Hub

"As the founder of the Data Science Community in Belgium and one of the driving forces of AI4Belgium, I fully support Desiree in extending the annual, famous diSummit with a full-year Virtual DI Summit program."​​​

Nathanaël Ackerman

Nathanaël Ackerman - AI4Belgium Lead

"As the largest community of AI players in Belgium, AI4Belgium strongly supports the diSummit initiative. Thanks to Desiree, the event is going virtual this year. We are proud that AI4Belgium actively contributes to the Virtual DI Summit by providing outstanding speakers to design an inspiring program, full of actionable insights!"

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