SEPT 2021 – JUNE 2022 PROGRAM 


Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Virtual DI Summit! Our objective is to Grow Your Data Innovation Knowledge & Experience: public organizations, private companies, academics, and citizens in general. Therefore, we organize live webcasts that deliver immediately actionable insights. Registration is free, as well as the 12-month available on-demand webcast recordings. Additionally, we create valuable content about Data Innovation such as blogs and also plan podcasts.


We focus on showing you meaningful, practical Innovative Applications from a societal, business, and technical perspective during the webcasts. Each webcast includes an inspiring keynote by an expert, followed up by knowledgeable speakers who explain in-depth, purposeful, real-life Data Innovation cases. At the end of every webcast, we have a 15-minute question-and-answer session based on the audience’s questions.  

Data Collection

Data Access

Data Analysis

Data Reporting


In the digital society, customers and organizations have a need for better personal data processing solutions   

According to GDPR Article 5 personal data must be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject

Is there a safe and ethical way to unlock the value of personal data?

Moderator & Speakers

Stijn Christiaens  

Co-Founder & Chief Data Citizen – Collibra

Samuel Profumo

Chief Data Officer – Radio Television Belge

Frederic Lebeau  

Co-Founder – Datavillage

Bart Vandekerckhove

Founder – VoltaData 


Registration link available 3 weeks before live broadcasting


Tuesday, September 21 – Personal Data Processing & Privacy  

Tuesday, October 19 – AI & Data Governance 

Tuesday, November 23 – AI & Ethics 

Tuesday, December 14 – AI in China & Europe 


Tuesday, January 25 – AI & CyberSecurity

Tuesday, February 22 – AI in Media & Entertainment 

Tuesday, March 22 – AI & Analytics 

Tuesday, April 19 – AI & Building Brands

Tuesday, May 24 – Data4Good & AI4Good 

June2022 * diSummit2022 at Université Libre De Bruxelles 


√ Healthcare Innovations Fuelled By AI

AI in Brussels

√ FinTech AI Adoption & Benefits

√ AI & Manufacturing

√ Deep-Diving into AI & Industry 4.0 

√ AI Fosters Innovation by Governments

√ AI, Ethics & Law: What is Fair and Unfair?



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